Class 3 

Class 3 pupils are in year 2 and 3 and range from the age of 6-8. We follow a destination led curriculum which encompasses key skills from different subject areas focusing on a functional approach to learning.

We emphasise the importance of independence in our class and work hard to be as independent as possible and encourage all pupils to communicate in any way which is appropriate for them. We practice preparing our own snacks, brushing our teeth, taking ourselves to the toilet, finding our own coat, dressing and undressing ourselves and taking ownership over our choosing time by making choices of what we want to play with.

Class 3 also enjoy story based, counting and cause and effect activities in which we take on character roles, anticipate repetitive story lines, explore the sensory elements of a story, learn to share stories with our peers and the adults around us, recognise numbers, sing number songs, count out the children who are in in the morning and if we have enough plates for snack time!

We also thoroughly enjoy our creative based activities. Class 3 enjoy cookery lessons, painting activities and especially glitter! We are very proud of the art work that we create and love to see the colourful creations that we make together.