Class 1

Pupils are in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. We deliver education to the children using an Early Years Curriculum and teaching approach. This means that children are encouraged to develop their skills and understanding through exploration and play. The classroom is structured with activities and resources which are changed on a regular cycle throughout the year. These cycles are planned to incorporate a topic and an appropriate Big Book which is used to motivate the children and support the 7 curriculum areas of;

  • Literacy,
  • Maths,
  • Communication and Language,
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design,
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

As a class we place an emphasis on communication and independence skills. It is important that we have high expectations for all our pupils and encourage them to communicate their wants and needs appropriately and be as independent as they possibly can be. We believe that by encouraging these skills in the early stages of their school life we are preparing them for their ongoing school life in Woodfield.

In our class we have two teachers (Vicky and Amy) who share the working week in the class. We also have three full-time Teaching Assistants and a MSA.  The staff working in the class are focusing on Characteristics of Learning, these promote the skills of engagement, motivation and thinking in the children and adults working in the class.

Class 2

Children are in years 1 and 2.  We continue to follow much of the Early Years Curriculum, developing the characteristics of effective learning; engagement, motivation and thinking through child initiated play.  We are also working on early learning skills, and learning about number skills through songs and games.  We enjoy a big book too where we learn to listen and engage with a story.

We have a total communication policy where children are encouraged to communicate using their chosen means of communication, including gesture, signing, symbols PECs and vocalising. All attempts at communication are encouraged and we use intensive communication to support this too.   We do lots of singing in class 2, and learn to chose favourite songs using pictures and symbols. We also end each day with our class assembly and singing.

We also enjoy lots of creative activities such as painting, sand and water play, play dough and collage.  We have weekly PE and soft play sessions and are looking forward to swimming in our beautiful new pool.

Class 2 also have a link with Leverstock Green Primary school, where a small group of the children from the school come to visit us and join in with our activities in class.

Class 3

Pupils are in year 2 and 3 and range from the age of 6-8. We follow a destination led curriculum which encompasses key skills from different subject areas focusing on a functional approach to learning.

We emphasise the importance of independence in our class and work hard to be as independent as possible and encourage all pupils to communicate in any way which is appropriate for them. We practice preparing our own snacks, brushing our teeth, taking ourselves to the toilet, finding our own coat, dressing and undressing ourselves and taking ownership over our choosing time by making choices of what we want to play with.

Class 3 also enjoy story based, counting and cause and effect activities in which we take on character roles, anticipate repetitive story lines, explore the sensory elements of a story, learn to share stories with our peers and the adults around us, recognise numbers, sing number songs, count out the children who are in in the morning and if we have enough plates for snack time! We also thoroughly enjoy our creative based activities. Class 3 enjoy cookery lessons, painting activities and especially glitter! We are very proud of the art work that we create and love to see the colourful creations that we make together.

Class 4

Pupils are in year 3, 4 and 5 and range from the ages of 7-10.  We follow a destination led curriculum which encompasses key skills from different subject areas focusing on a functional approach to learning.

In Class 4 we continue to develop our independent skills in all areas of the curriculum, this underpins everything we do. We learn to work on our own and  with others to complete learning tasks based on counting, sorting, matching as well as reading based activities based on our story for the half term. We enjoy weekly pretend play sessions where we learn to pretend play or roleplay with our peers, take turns and work together to achieve a goal.

We continue to develop our self – help skills including brushing our teeth, getting undressed and dressed for PE and swimming. We learn functional skills in class as well as in the wider community, for example walking out in the community and visiting a local café, learning road safety and making choices and communicate our choices using our own individual communication systems. There is opportunity for our pupils to attend integration at a mainstream primary school where our pupils go and join in playing and working alongside the class.

Class 4 also enjoy active learning, and we love soft play sessions where we learn to take turns, play with our peers and practise our gross motor skills. Some of us love to start the day with physical activity and this helps get us ready to learn. We love our weekly cooking sessions where we learn cooking skills such as spreading, cutting and mixing and learn to find what we need and follow simple recipes. We work hard on being independent and learn to tidy away in the kitchen, wipe the tables and wash and dry up. We also thoroughly enjoy our creative based activities such as painting and collage; we have had great fun learning to work together on collaborative art projects. We love to join in music sessions playing and singing along with the ukulele as well as learning ‘Makaton signs’ to the songs!

Class 5

We are class 5, we have 11 pupils and 4 TAs. Our teacher is Susie. We really enjoy our time together in school, learning about lots of different things. Class 5 is the top KS2 and beginning of KS3 class at Woodfield. We generally join the ‘senior’ part of the school for certain activities, such as assemblies, mainly for logistical reasons.  At the present time we have eleven children aged between nine and eleven years old.

In Class 5 we work towards becoming more independent in our everyday life. Part of this means taking responsibility for our belongings.  For example, taking our diary out of our bags and bringing it into class in the mornings.  We also use the local shops and community amenities as well as trying to help each other. Sometimes we work together; sometimes we work on our own. We build on the work achieved by the KS1 and lower KS2 class on understanding the world around us. We also begin to prepare our children for life further up the school. We have recently been focusing on our key skills of looking, listening, communicating, thinking and using our hands and how we can transfer and use these skills throughout the school day.

Class 6

Class 6 is made up of pupils who are Key stages 2,3 and 4 and are ages 10-14. We are a mobility class and Physical Development underpins all aspects of our class curriculum.  We follow the MOVE programme and spend a lot of time developing our key skills of sitting, standing, walking and transitioning. We start every day with our individual physiotherapy programmes. This prepares us for the rest of the day.

We follow a destination led curriculum which will prepare us for adulthood, as Secondary pupils, and we are learning to be as independent as possible. Some ways we work on our independence skills includes learning to use switches to operate equipment and using our appropriate communication aids to make choices that affect what happens in our day. We also use our individual communication aids to share our knowledge of the world; sharing experiences, telling jokes and asking and answering questions. We love learning community skills and use alternative equipment to explore both our school community and local community such as self-propelling wheelchairs, power chairs and walkers. We have weekly opportunities to go to the local shops, bakeries and parks. We also enjoy learning through creativity and enjoy art, music, drama and technology.

Class 7

Class 7 are a mixed Key Stage 3 and 4 class (years 8 to 11), consisting of 11 pupils and 3 TAs with an MSA working with us at lunch time. We follow a destination led learning curriculum (to prepare for our future). We have lots of fun with our learning and enjoy opportunities to get out and about in the community. We regularly visit the shops to practise using money and take part in community based activities. We focus on independence and learning the skills needed to live as independently as possible. We take part in weekly integration with students at West Herts College, to give us a sense of what’s ahead of us if we should choose to go to college in the future. Some pupils take part in work based activates in which they learn about Café skills and take part in learning to prepare food and serve our paying customers at our magnificent Pop Up Cafes.

Class 8


In 14-19 students are in years 12, 13 & 14.  We follow a Curriculum for Adulthood which embraces the skills students need as they prepare for life after Woodfield.  We concentrate on 6 curriculum areas which are Me & My Functional Skills; Me & My Relationships; Me & My Sport & Leisure; Me & My Future; Me & My Community and Me & My Independent Life. 

Much of our time is spent in the community where we develop the skills needed for everyday living.  Students in post 16 work with the Work Related Learning team in order to acquire the skills needed to function in the work place and there is travel training for students who can access it.  Our Young Enterprise business helps students to develop skills for working life, and our pop up cafés and coffee shop provide further opportunities.  We learn to look after the community as part of outdoor learning.  We learn about college and have visits as we prepare for next steps.