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In the event of bad weather and the need to close the school we will use the following procedures.

If the weather conditions deteriorate during the evening or overnight we will make a decision as early as possible in order to give you as much notice as we can. You will be notified by text via Parentmail and an email. In addition a message will be put on our website.

School closure information will also be available on local radio.

We will also be liaising with the transport companies when making decisions about school closure due to bad weather as they themselves may make the decision not to send their buses out.

Should we need to close school during the school day due to deteriorating weather conditions we will liaise with transport to organise getting the buses to come and pick the children up early. If your son/daughter does not use HCC transport you will need to come and pick your child up if we are closing school. We will contact all parents via Parentmail with a text asking you to call school. We will ensure we keep the main phone line open for return calls. After 15 minutes we will then start making phone calls to those parents we have not heard from so that we make sure we have made contact with all parents.